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→ Download the LS Games App through our website Live Satta

→ Recharge Your Wallet with Minimum Deposit

→ Multiple Cash Deposit Option

→ Play Betting on your favourite live satta bazar and Win Real Cash

→ 24/7 Instant Withdrawals and Deposit Service

→ 24/7 Customer Support and Live Chat Available


We have multiple Satta Games for you

Play Milan Night
09:05 - 11:05 PM

Play Kalyan
04:05 PM - 06:05 PM

Balaji Day
12:40 PM - 01:40 PM

Milan Day
03:15 PM - 05:15 PM

Main Sridevi Night
07:15 PM - 08:15 PM

Milan Star Line
09.30 AM - 08.30 PM

Time kalyan
12:15 PM - 1:15 PM

Play Rajdhani Night
09:30 PM - 11:45 PM

Janta Day
4:30 PM - 6:30 PM

Main Mumbai
09:40 PM - 11:59 PM

Online Gali Matka
11:00 PM

Morning Syndicate
02:30 PM - 03:30 PM

Time Syndicate Matka
10:00 PM - 12:05 PM

Kalyan Star Line
11.00 AM - 10.00 PM

1 L+








Our Market Bhav Rates

Regular Bazzar Bhav

Single Akda = ₹1 pe ₹10

Single Panna = ₹1 pe ₹150

Double Panna = ₹1 pe ₹300

Tripple Panna = ₹1 pe ₹800

Jodi = ₹1 pe ₹100

King Bazzar Bhav

Single Digit = ₹1 pe ₹10

Second Digit = ₹1 pe ₹10

Jodi = ₹1 pe ₹100



Starline Bazzar Bhav

Single Akda = ₹1 pe ₹10

Single Panna = ₹1 pe ₹150

Double Panna = ₹1 pe ₹300

Tripple Panna = ₹1 pe ₹800



Have you downloaded the Best Satta Matka App yet? Live satta matka brings you an array of some of the top pioneers of the gambling world. Live satta app brings you an array of some of the best online satta games like live satta matka games, King Games, and Online Casino Games. This app promises unlimited fun, entertainment, and non-stop flow of money. Dealing with some of the top satta markets like Kalyan Satta, Milan, Online Balaji Day, Kalyan Starline, Online Disawar, Main Sridevi Night, Main Rattan Bombay, Main Kuber, Balaji Night, Janta Day, Gali Matka, Time Syndicate, Kamdhenu Matka, Bhootnath Morning, Rs games, Dhan games, Sansar Day/Night and other extraordinary Starline Markets. All of these are custom designed according to user's comfort and safety.

Live Satta App offers exclusive features like wallet history, gaming history, Jodi or panel charts, money transaction options, live satta games, online casino, and king games. The wallet history function enables user to know about a lot of details regarding their game. They get a detailed idea about the money they invested, the money they lost, and about the money they won. Gaming history is another commendable feature that this app offers In gaming history user gets a detailed idea about their previous games and about the games he has bet on.

Live satta app is the best satta matka app that it has an Online Casino in it as well.

  • Teen Patti
  • Andar Bahar
  • Dragon Tiger
  • Roulette
  • Baccarat
  • Poker

This app has the best security service there is to offer. They offer complete protection to their users, keeping their personal and private information safe from prying eyes. An individual can deposit money any time and ask for withdrawal any time. Live Satta app is mostly known for its accuracy and how people have been given complete support throughout their journey. There excusive service executive guides the user through all the ups and downs detailed analytics and many more.


Live Satta app brings you some of the best Live Casino games to rock your world. Find over 80 Satta Matka markets, Roulette, Baccarat, Teen Patti, Dragon Tiger, and many more games at one single platform. This is where you play and this is where you grow. There could be a lot of things that this app can do and one of the best thing is the number of games this has. With such lovely games like Ezugi, AWC games, Andar Bahar, the app has everything that any gambler dreams of. The games are right at your fingertips with a promise to keep your entertained throughout the day.

Our features are here to help and once you download the app, it is gonna stay at your recent app list for a very long Times. The app is where you can find features that are uncanny and has made games easier than before there is nothing that anyone can change and players play this game with ease.

Why Live Satta?

→ The best Satta Matka app and live casino app with top games, virtual games, poker and more.

→ Instant 24/7 deposit withdrawal with multiple payment modes like cards, net banking, and UPI transfer.

→ The 24/7 live chat support team, feedback option is right there for your service. Players will receive a thorough service where they will be guided at every step.

→ Matka live games and casino games at your service. Choose any virtual table to start playing.

→ Satta guessing, satta matka charts, tips, and tricks are available for players use. We at Live Satta believe in offering what’s best and here it is!

live satta game

What Our Players Says


Q1: What is a Live Satta Game ?

Ans:- There is no doubt that theLive Satta App is extremely easy to use and accessible. People play Matka online and believe in star divination and destiny, so we have satta matka Jodiand panel charts for each Bazar. We even offer Jodi charts for all games in our game panel charts. You will receive the fastest scores regardless of what game you choose. You can rest assured that you will succeed and make money every day with this online matka play game since you will be able to get ahead of your competitors. Playing online satta with our website allows you to become thesatta king with professional sattaguessing services. We provide the simplest online matka play services throughout our business. Additionally, you can play live matches with the Live satta App for Kalyan Starline, Dubai Starline, and Milan Starline in Gali, Ghaziabad, Faridabad, Disawar, Ghaziabad, Faridabad, and Dubai Starline. As well as free tips and techniques forSatta, you may receive a lot more.

Q2: What are live Satta Tips?

Ans:- Satta Matka focuses on numbers. Selecting the right numbers can increase players' earnings. Money can be made in a big way if you follow the right tips. Among them are:

1. Smaller bets
2. Establish your profit targets
3. Compute your profit.

If Kalyan Matka gambling can be won if you follow these golden rules.Satta kings who know how to use these tips and tricks can earn large amounts of money. In this game, luck and experience are crucial. We offer you the opportunity to test your luck right now by simply depositing a small amount of money into our site. There are a lot of fun things you can do online when you bet.

Q3: Is the Live Satta game legal in India ?

Ans:- Online platforms are the only legal platforms for Satta Matka in India. Selecting a reliable betting site is crucial before playing. Online Live Satta Matka is what we do best. It may not be possible for you to play offline gambling games. There are several ways to guess the Satta Matka game digitally, depending on the entertainment industry. In India, gambling games such as Satta, or casino gambling, are prohibited because they are considered political problems. Gambling online is not illegal, despite what many people believe. However, there are several games to play Sridevi night satta, Syndicate night satta, Bałaji night satta, Madhur night satta, Main ratan Bombay satta, etc.

Q4: Are there any tips to choose a trusted website to See Live Satta Results?

Ans:- A popular game in India is dpboss satta matka. Online play is now available for the game. It is also possible to place bets online. There are various problems that can be solved with matka games in India. Losses are one of the factors to consider when playing online betting games. These games can be played at your own level of expertise and understanding. Follow these tips and tricks to increase your chances of winning.

Q5: How to get Satta Matka Jodi?

Ans:- No Real-life applications can be made of ideas or formulas. If the right numbers are chosen, experienced players can perform Matka Jodi. If you want to increase your chances of winning, you should pick numbers that will help you do so. No matter if you are a new player or not, our expert guides you through every aspect of the process. If you need help winning the game, we can provide you with tips and tricks. We have a forum where you can ask questions about the game. We will assist you promptly if we can.

Q6: Is online Live Satta playing a good choice?

Ans:- Real-world formulas and ideas are impossible to formulate. Choosing the right numbers can lead a player to Matka Jodi. Choose numbers that are comfortable for you. Regardless of experience level, anyone can play. Don't hesitate to reach out to satta results, however, since we'll be there to assist you from start to finish. The chances of winning a lot of money are certainly high. Here are some tips you may find useful. Feel free to ask questions or make comments in our forum. We'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Q7: What is the purpose of the Livesatta website?

Ans:- There are several websites that provide information regarding Indian lotteries on results. Following the announcement of the satta results, the public can play Indian lotteries through authorized sellers. You can place bets, collect winnings, and learn about upcoming lotteries on our website. In addition to learning how to win Indian lotteries, users can also use the forum to learn about them.

Q8: Why is a live Satta market important in public?

Ans:- A number of factors contribute to the importance of thelive Satta market. Playing casino games can be entertaining or even profitable, depending on the amount of money and mood of the player. Indian culture has always had gambling, so it is not new or revolutionary. As well as gaining traffic from the game, your social media pages will also gain traffic. The game also allows you to collect email addresses for later marketing to players. Games are a great way to grow your clientele and promote your business.

Q9: Which is the best free Live Satta result website ?

Ans:- Free Satta results can be found on a website called Satta Matka charts. The app will automatically select the lucky number based on your guess of the lucky number. The interface is very straightforward and simple. The website also provides you with updated information about this popular Indian game. Anyone seeking a trustworthy, reliable site can choose Live Satta Matka charts because of their excellent odds and customer service.